1. pride.  blogs are about self-promotion. what else could be more obvious?

2. quickness.  no serious theology is or could be done at the speed of a blog. what happens on blogs are spouts of self expression, not drawn out intercourse.

3. waste of time.  classic theological texts and important contemporary works are waiting to be read, not journal reporter theology written in 5 min. and never proof read by scholars.

4. ghetto entertainment. this is an actual form of ghettoisation.  young minds get caught up in a circle of blogs which they like, ones which promote their ideology or theology.  theoblogging has the opposite effect of what it intends to do. rather than opening discussion, it closes it down into ghettos. rather than being exposed to diverse new constructive ideas theobloggers are ghettoised into subprofessional circles of pseudotheologians.

5. dying grandparents.  theobloggers spend less time with people and more time with machines.

6. gnostic non corporeality. blog theology is a gnostic turn like so many in contemporary culture.  one no longer needs other humans and their smelly presence, one can interact and think that they are learning through a digital medium. second life, theology style. walk around all day with your ipod, then go home to your blog.

7. individualism.  blogs are inherently individualistic.  they promote individualism and demand it.

8. anticommunity, antifamily and antichurch.  blogs replace and fight against families, bodily communities and churches as communities of discussion.

9. attention deficit disorder.  blogs encourage attention deficit disorder symptoms.

10. antisocial extended online time. blogs encourage long hours on the internet.  this is unnatural, a waste of energy, and most of all antisocial.

summary:  if you must theoblog, then don’t do it too often.

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